Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remember When We Used to Run Everywhere Just Because

Remember when there was a time in your life when you used to RUN everywhere just because you wanted to. Sometimes walking was just too slow or sometimes you were just bored. Maybe you just wanted to race your brother, sister, friend to you know, show off your amazing skills.

NOW-- the thought of even running from my car to school to avoid the rain is... well you would just never catch me doing it. Most of us would avoid anything not to run, except for you crazy runners. Upon a earlier life I was one of you, but my knees got the best of me.

Anyways when I was a youngin' I used to visit my Dads house on weekends. We (the kids) were always made (encouraged) to spend the better part of the day outside, being “active". You have to admit there are only so many games of basketball, play fighting, and house that you can handle until you get bored. So we ran.

I am not just talking about playing tag or kick the can (which is a whole other remember when in itself) you just ran for something to do. A few laps of the yard and bam you are having a laugh. How did running turn from something so fun to a workout that most of us don't look forward to?

The things that happen when kids get bored is unlimited. Check out this video these guys know the pure joy of running... like I used to...


Remeber When

Remember when we were so bored that we decided to drive to London in a snowstorm?....Remember ALL of summer 2007?.... Remember when you would actually scream for the Backstreet Boys?...

How could you POSSIBLY forget. These are the moments that shaped me (okay well I probably want to forget the Backstreet Boys). Often times when I get together with my buddies the 'old times' always come up, and they are always good for a story but better for a laugh. You know I have had some amazing experiences, as I'm sure a lot of you have, so why not publicly remember them.

This blog is meant to be an outlet of past experiences. I can't promise that I can divulge all the ridiculous details (imagine what you would think of me)
I think this blog will concentrate on mostly general experiences that we all, I would like to think, share. I can guarentee there are some personal experiences that may be so ridiculous that they just have to be told.