Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remeber When

Remember when we were so bored that we decided to drive to London in a snowstorm?....Remember ALL of summer 2007?.... Remember when you would actually scream for the Backstreet Boys?...

How could you POSSIBLY forget. These are the moments that shaped me (okay well I probably want to forget the Backstreet Boys). Often times when I get together with my buddies the 'old times' always come up, and they are always good for a story but better for a laugh. You know I have had some amazing experiences, as I'm sure a lot of you have, so why not publicly remember them.

This blog is meant to be an outlet of past experiences. I can't promise that I can divulge all the ridiculous details (imagine what you would think of me)
I think this blog will concentrate on mostly general experiences that we all, I would like to think, share. I can guarentee there are some personal experiences that may be so ridiculous that they just have to be told.


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  1. Alex, I remember when, I too, enjoyed running for no reason. I remember my mom yelling at me to come inside for dinner, once it had gotten dark out. Now, it seems that the generation of kids are he opposite. I see parents yelling at their kids to stay outside and get some fresh air! However,the joys of running as a kid are best explained by Phoebe on "Friends". Be sure to look it up.