Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remember the TV that was the 90s

Well, I have been putting off a post a) because I was not sure if I wanted continue to blog and b) because I could not find motivation.
And then it came! thanks to my friend Michael K over at Dlisted.
Ah yes the crazy TV shows of the 90s.
I will start with the one Michael so thankfully reminded me of.

This Walt Disney/ Jim Hensons production was a crazzzy show. Running from 1991 to 1994, the show featured a family of dinosaurs; the SINCLAIRS!. The show funny enough was based off of a oil company and its executives. All that I remember is Baby hitting Earl (the dad) over the head with a frying pan and laughing repeadedly. Comedic gold right there kids. And I remember Charlene the valley girl dino. As if.
Check out the Clip below and relive the memories. PS. this show was the original Family Guy, where the baby is smarter than everyone else.

The second show I want to mention is one I loved loved loved. And thats Doug! Another guy/ show that I got to see in Disney (well my second time).

Doug was the best show with Scooter, Patty Mayonaise and Smash Adams. Like didn't you wish you had that special of a name. I wonder who writes these shows how could you think, "lets give the main character one of the most boring names ever but give his best friends cool names". Doug also ran from 91' to 94' and was a cartoon. It was a pretty simple cartoon and was produced by Disney as well. It is hard for me to believe that these shows were last broadcast 16 years ago.

Till Next Time

Alex Jordan.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remember Your First Concert

Hey all, so my second post of the week, wooo. I am making up for the one I failed to post last week because I was soaking up the sun in Dominican and all.
So after a brainstorming session today in class focused on things to remember I came out with..NOTHING.

Then on my home an old song came on “The Real Slim Shady” but instead of singing the lyrics right I found myself rapping “I’m Sugar Baybee the real Sugar Baybee all you other Sugar Baybees are just imitating.” Horror, that voice popped in my head, then that concert popped in my head. Yes I saw Sugar Baybee in concert. Again, Horror. If you are not aware of “The Real Sugar Baby” she was a radio personality with a Fran Drescher voice but it was “cutsie.” AND I just found out she was the voice of “Wishbear” on Care bears and “Rini” on SaliorMoon. Heres the song. Check your ears at the door.

Remember your first concert? I obviously do. I attended the Wham Bam Thank You Jam way back in Summer of Grade 7 (2001) with a red headed soul sista some of you may know. Let me just tell you we travelled in style. V.I.P. baby. We were picked up by a limo and shipped off to Canada’s Wonderland for a day of Destiny’s Child, B4-4, Vitamin C and oh yeah Sugar Baybee.

We had first or third row tickets I can’t remember, but what I do remember we were dead centre, so yeah I saw Beyonce “work it out.” And I saw those hot (choke) B4-4 dudes up close.
It was a good day and at the time, we had fun.I thought I was a rocker although I admit I don’t think either of us were into any of the performers.But we were into Canadas Wonderland and the rides and the funnel cake yumm. I found a picture of that day then promptly ripped it up. Yeah what can I say, puberty.

So what was your first concert? Who did you see?

Until next time


Monday, March 8, 2010

Remember Your First Vacation

Hey all, so I just returned from an island in the sun. Sigh. I should say I’m depressed but I must admit that returning to this sun makes me just as happy to be home.

I had been waiting to go on vacation FOREVER. I went to New York last year but I’m talking a relax and do nothing but soak up the sun and the rum kind of vacation. And let me tell you I soaked them up.

So where did I go, eh? Curious much? Well my friends I so luckily travelled to Punta Cana or as they called it Punta Can-ada! My first trip outside of Canada and the States and it was fantastic.

But it will never compare to my very first vacation. At the age of 5, the very best (an might I say cutest) grandmother in the world treated my mom, brother and I to a DISNEY VACATION :) . Every kid’s dream.

Oh yes, I remember my first trip, how could you ever forget a trip to Disney World? I had never seen anything like it, the farthest I had ever been was the cottage in Dorset.

What do I remember...
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The Ninjas burst onto the street in their cool yellow van, hanging out the top and the sides with music blasting. Cowabunga dude. After a short performance my brother and I got to meet and take pictures with Raefael ... jealous much? Everyone was there even Shroter and April.
What else? I remember Honey I Shrunk the kids. What I would describe as a playground but I should correct myself a playground made of out huge blades of grass. It truly felt like we were in the movie, with large ants and lego and I think I remember some water squirting all over the place.

One of the most exciting things? Seeing Hulk Hogan. At the time the WWF was immensely popular and Hulk Hogan was still the king of wrestling. There was a strip in the park that held a gym that was shielded from the inside by not quite closed blinds and inside was the Hulk and he was working on his fitness. Even though we never met him it was great to see him and to see him doing what he did best.

I also remember Sea World and all the Manatees. They just amazed me.

Interestingly what I have discovered about going away last week was that if I really wanted to go away to relax I just needed a Canadian summer in the great Ontario North. Oh and you better throw in a cottage, a lake, a good book, good food, good drinks, good card games and good friends.

I will leave you with one of my favourites moments of my latest trip. Unfortunately we were stricken with some bad weather. We are talking 3 days of rain and clouds but we stuck it out and got our white bumbs to the beach to enjoy any moment we could. By the 2nd rainy day (our 5th day of the trip) our ipods were out of batteries and our books and magazines read from front to cover all we had left was conversation. But if any of you know me well I am only a couple minutes away from singing out loud. You would know that any one word can set me off on a singing tangent. So for about an 1hr my travel companion and I sang our hearts out. One song we were both surpised to remember from beginning to end helps me end my post how I started it. I should mention that the group down the beach yelled at us to "SHUT UP" you think we stopped?

Than you don't know me

So what was your first vacation? Or better yet what was your favourite? Until next time.