Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Video of the Day

I've decided, well no i know, that one of my favourite things about the internet is the obscure pieces of gold in video form that are out there. While I do not as of this moment have any owned or featuring me I do know of many that features others and other creatures that are worthy of your viewing. So stop by each day for my video of the day.

First up. Something I am not sure if I ever want to see again.

I mean the only question remains. WHY IN A SPEEDO!? seriously, no SERIOUSLY.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Classic Americano

Park Avenue Jesus.

For the label whores of America I guess its true, and for those who live and die for American fashion he is the ultimate. No denying that.

New York Magazine features Michael Kors this month, and I love the article. They point out his perfectionism on Project Runway. One of the main reasons I watch is to hear the catch phrase critques he throws out.

I just wanted to have you all read about a kickass person.

And god im dying for this watch!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Through the Musical Motions

I go through the motions with music. When I say motions I'm betting on that it has to do with my emotions because I never really understand why one week i'm into house and techno and the next I can't get enough of head banging hard rock.
Right now I'm all for a mixture of music - a mixture of emotions?- hell that is never good.

These days I stick to listening to a current rock station out of Toronto while i am at work. And this song below well it has no meaning to me but I really always turn up the radio a bit too loud when it comes on. The best part is this rocking video showcasing that teen anarchy isn't as harmful as the people trying to stop it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Worlds Away

Ads via Ads of the World 

Advertising in 1950. Times have changed.  While girls, quotes and slang dominate our tricky and clever advertising of the 2000s a quick trip back to the past reveals a much simple form of advertising. Where magnificent, splendid and striking adjectives dominate the copy, lets not even mention the horrifically corny cartoon base.

I find this not shocking but its something. As someone who has attended school for writing for more than 4 years I have always been told to write simply, remove that fancy adjective.

My favourite of the bunch? The skype ad.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Posters and Typogrpahy

Most of this week I have been developing some "movie" posters for the hallways of my work. While I am not a talented graphic artist like the one above, I have enjoyed paroosing the internet to find inspiration. One of my biggest hurdles if my lack of knowledge and creativity with type.

So I came across this little slice of beauty on a top typography website. Lyrics to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol strategically placed in between the minds of two, I'm just throwing it out there, love birds.Great song, great image, great type. Like it or Love it?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where Has She Been

I do not normally listen to mainstream dance/pop/yeah that stuff radio because frankly if I even start to hear the song "California Girls" I gag. And that is just not good for my system. But the past week I have been listening intently waiting for Ghost by Fefe Dobson to come on. I'm in lust with the song, until I get tired of it.

That's right my favourite Canadian "bad ass" is back and shes back with a vengeance. It has been 7 years!! 7 YEARS!!!! I mean the other day I was saying to myself, man its too bad about her career. Honestly, I am shocked. I can only imagine how hard it is to come back after any + years and hope that your fans who have all grown up still dig your music.

Congrats Fefe because my 17 year old self likes you just as much as me in my 20s, so far. 
Check out Fefes sporadic yet sassy dancing in the video to Ghost below.
P.S. - i am seeing costume influences from Rhianna no?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For the Love of an Accent

I have spent the past week in North Carolina, a new city, a new country and a new twang. There is one thing you should no about me… I am obsessed with Southern accents. So I had been dreaming for weeks of all the Southern accents I would be surrounded by.

My love for this twang developed when I first listened to and watched Albert Finney narrate and play the character of Edward Bloom in one of my favorite movies, Big Fish. His accent was slow, controlled, deep and in my opinion utterly amazing. I started practicing mine at that moment.

What is it about accents that amaze us? Why do we get so caught up in the sounds of words…its almost embarrassing… I found myself this past week adjusting some of the ways I say words to develop a New York accent on one hand, and a Southern on the other. Each of the people I was with were from different parts of the states, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York had these completely different accents which was so cool. Here I am stuck with a Canadian one with a boring “a” sound, must be why I took up their sounds.
Gotta favorite accent?