Thursday, May 13, 2010

OMGEEE RollerCoasters

OH EM GEEE! my friends

Roller Coaster Tycoon was my life circa who the hell cares because the evil Perez Hilton just reminded me of the hours, the blood,the sweat and the tears I spent creating and developing the best amusement parks in the world.

HA! How could I have forgotten such a wonderful piece of gaming, I was good at it, I was dedicated to fostering a money making park.I wanted to give my guests the best entertainment food and bathrooms positioning of any other amusement park developer. Yes, I was a freak.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Blows My Mind

That face. That look. That man. Thats Mickey Rourke 20 years ago.

CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT. I was just watching inside the actors studio featuring Mickey Rourke and I had to google him. This image came up. I HAD NO IDEA that under all that plastic surgery was a good looking man. Below is the hagard face of a plastic surgery actic gone seriously wrong.

Well not really a close up. I have to say though that he is an awsome actor. The Wrestler was awsome I cant lie.And he was in Domino a few years back and you no what his face was still some what normal. Sorry I cant get off this face thing, its crazy. Now while I was watching Domino I was kind of distracted by the guy on Mickeys left - Choco

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seth Aaron....the King

When I become a fan of something I follow it faithfully. LOST - its been 5 years maybe 6 I've watched everyone relgiously. Guy Ritchie - when ever he has a movie, I always watch it - cant be more excited by anyone else. Janice Evanovich - the one author that makes me laugh out loud any day.

But my latest obsession- Project Runway. Slice TV plays it every weekend and i watch if religously , I have even memorized the times it airs - 3:00 on saturdays or 12:00 on sundays. Yep, I have issues. This year was a great season lots of exciting challenges and some really talent yet cocky designers. My favourite was Seth Aaron. He is rockeresque and thats what I love. Give me black, leather and structure and im game.

Just watched the finale and my Seath Aaron won! Seth Aaron you are king of that runway. Just wanted to give a shout out. I totally thought the ass Emilo was gonna win,so happy he didn't just because you think your the shit doesnt mean shit.  Now im just sad that its over. What am i gonna do at 3 or 12 on saturdays and sundays. Have a look at this collection.


This coat is out of this world Fierce.


Note: I love when the person I like wins a reality tv. Right now ive got my favourites lined up for ANTM and Real World challenges. I like to think im always right!