Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember When...

I have so many ways that I wanted to start this post that I still cannot decide how. I can tell you that I am excited for these memories. I have to say this posts picture may be a little NSFW.
The post idea came to me with two signs. First Calvin Klein just released a new batch of mens underwear advertisements last week meant to bring us back to the days of Marky Mark Wahlbergs Calvin Klein domination. Sources say the executives of Calvin Klein want Kellan Lutz (of Twilight fame) along with one of my favourites Mechad Brooks (Eggs from True Blood) to remake Marky Mark's iconic underwear campaign from the 1990s. Yes ladies a new batch of men...but it just made me think of the original one.
Calvin Kleins Fashion Week front Row

The next sign happened yesterday as I was sitting in traffic at the border, my feet throbbing from driving standard. I was exhausted and miserable. My girl Mona was controlling the music and had her IPOD switching songs every two seconds. She was getting annoyed at my mood so she put on the one song she knew would be get me moving. My favourite go to party song. I can't help but dance, not just any kind of dancing, the fromage kind of dancing. Mona soon regretted the song choice as I start dancing and the car beside us started pointing and laughing. But I did not care, nothing gets between me and my Marky Mark.

Yes this post is about remembering the one and only young Mark Wahlberg. Well I have to tell you I remember him every day when my phone rings because you know that Good Vibrations is the best ringtone ever.
He was a young bad boy poet,
"Now the time has come for you to get up
The rest had you fed up but Yo, I won't let up
On the rhythm and rhyme that's designed to
Make your behind move to what I'm inclinced to
Pure Hip Hop," Good Vibrations - Marky Mark and the Funky Buch
Good Vibrations was Marks only number one song. Soon after his rise to the top of the music game Mark quit to become an actor. He maintains that he never tried to do bothm instead he concentrated on one art at a time.
Young Mark was a mixed up teen, the tough guy of the neighbour hood (perhaps why women are drawn to him) the tough guy "thing" has led to his success in music and in films (think Max Payne, Four Brothers and the Departed).
Details magazine did a feature on Mark a few years ago and recounted his rise to teen fame.
"Ah, his past. Running the streets of Dorchester in Boston, stealing cars, robbing people, slinging drugs, menacing whatever unlucky soul strayed too close to him and his crew—with a 45-day hitch in an adult prison, at age 16, to show for his efforts. (He was convicted of assault after beating two Vietnamese immigrants during one very bad night in 1988.) Emerging from prison with a pumped-up physique, Wahlberg embarked on a highly effective rehabilitation program: a rap career, cooked up with the help of brother Donnie. Which begat the Dropping of the Trou; the Calvin ad; the autobiography, dedicated to his dick, that he never bothered to read; and, of course, Hollywood."  Source: http://www.details.com/celebrities-entertainment/cover-stars/200504/actor-mark-wahlberg-talks-entourage-four-brothers-and-the-departed
Ladies and men  lets take a few moments to remember Mark Wahlberg. Appreciate everything the Young Mark has given us

Calvin Klein Underwear Ads

The Funky Bunches - Good Vibrations

There were other things like that Boston accent, those abs and that smile.

More recently Mark has turned into a family man and has become an amazing entertainer. He acts as exectuive producer on the series Entourage, a show losely based on his life in Hollywood as a young Marky Mark. And in 2006 co-starred in the action packed, Boston based movie, The Departed. Where he plays a cop, a role that finally place him on the otherside of the law.
The Recent
more importantly Ari and Loyd

The Departed

Mark I just want to say thank you. Is there any stars out there that you love remembering? I know there is more than Mark who I love I just had to post about him because he kept coming up.

Until next time,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remember When You Had Your First Olympic Moment

It's Canadas moment right now, the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010. Moments are just waiting to be made. Canadians are tuning in to get those chills from watching their fellow country men compete against the world to become the best in the world, to make their nation proud. And so far we should be proud not just of Alex Bilodeau and Maelle Ricker, although their wins may be the most triumphant, but all of our Canadian athletes. I can only dream to have the talent that they possess. Perhaps thats why we invest so much emotion into our athletes because they are able to do what most can not.
As for memorable moments this olympics I think that most of us are waiting and crossing our fingers for a Gold from our prized mens hockey team.
I bet many of you have an olympic moment that stands out in your mind. The one that you hope to relive when you watch every two years. I have one in particular that gave me chills, brought me to tears, and made me jump from my seat in anticipation. It was magical.
I am bringing you back 10 years to the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Canada, generally does not do well in the Summer Olympics but thats what makes it so much more special when we do win gold.

Meet Simon Whitfield the man to whom I owe my moment.
Triathalons have always been my favourite sport to watch. So much time and dedication goes into preparing for a race. My three favourite individual sports mixed into one long day of pain, endurance, determination and fun...hopefully,

Whitfield had been in a bike pileup early in the race, his olympics dreams seemingly over. Him and 24 triatheletes had crashed. But Simon he was determined and had his best sport in front of him... his run. The leaders coming into the run began to slow due to the heat of the Australlian sun, dehydration and fatigue set into their bodies. It was between 4 men, all the best in the world. But Whitfield had more determination than any. The four men fought for medal standing, pounding the pavement step by step challenging the outcome of the race. German Mouskavich lead heading into downtown Sidney but just as the runners reached the view of the Sindney Opera house with minutes to the finish line, Canadian Whitfield starts to challenge his lead. Mouskavich slows as Whitfield excels. At this point my mom JUMPS of the couch. GOOOOOO SIMON.... GOOOOOOOOOO SIMON and I join...my heart pounding ,my smile widening. The crowd in Sidney joins our cheers. People line the blue carpet waving their hands and flags. All the way to the end we were with him, crossing our fingers, screaming his name. Simon fist pumps over the finish line and my eyes are filed with tears, a final GO SIMON. Simon Whitfield has triumphed, he has won gold, he is Canadian. He is my hero.
Simons main goal for the Sydney Olympics: " I just want to hear the Canadian National Anthem". I cant help but smile even still for him. Did I mention it was the first time the triathalon was ever present at the Olympics.

If you ever come across a triathalon on TV specifically on NBC watch it. The Americans do a great job at finding inspiration in athletes (as much as I hate to admit).

You should watch Simons triumphant win here.
And I want to hear about your favourite Olympic moments.

Cheers and happy Olympic watching. GO CANADA!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remember Those Songs

This week I thought it would only appropriate to do a Valentines dedicated post. Remember when we used to give everyone in our class Valentines. And then it happened to me, well to most of you who read this blog. (thanks Becky! )

So I am going with Remember Those Songs... I'm sure you have all been waiting for this week. I have decided that we must look into this backflash in two parts. One will be about those REALLY old songs that remind you of things like camp, singing circle and just plain innocense.
But then we HAVE to get into that embarassing stuff. You know the N'SYNC, the B4-4... Oh yes we will go there with my fav remembers of the 90s.

A few years ago I was working for the YMCA as a camp counsellor and all the young camper girls would hang out together and talk about the boys (not much has changed there) but also about their favourite popstars. At the time it was Hilary Duff, and I can only help but remember thinking WHAT ARE THESE GIRLS THINKING. How are their ears not bleeding? But then I remember what we used to listen to and who we used to obsess over.
The girls who lived down the street from me were about 2-4 years older and were obsessed with the Back Street Boys before I was even old enough to like boys. They used to think that my younger brother looked like Brian Litrell and would swoon over him... I'm talking a 12 yearold swooning over my 8 year old brother... It's funny the obsessions you have when you are young, now you look back and wonder what was I thinking.
So I thought I would make this post easy and give you two top 10 lists.

You may notice that most of the next songs come from my favourites.. Sharon Lois and Bram. If you are a Canadian kid I think you may be on the same page.

Top 10 Kid Songs.
1. SkinaMarink- Sharon, Lois, and Bram
2. Wheels on the Bus - who knows
3. There was a Moose - who knows
4. Cookie Jar - Sharon, Lois and Bram
5. Teddy Bear Picnic -Anne Murray

6. Won't you be my Neighbour? - Mr. Rogers
7. You got a friend in me - Randy Newman
8. Hakunamata - Timon and Pumba
9. Under the Sea - Sebastian and company :)
My mom was a sewer and in Grade 1 due to my obession with Ariel and the Little Mermaind she bought some Little Mermaind fabric and made me a little mermaid dress. I wore it every week more if she would let me. Therefore, I love this song even still.
10. Be Our Guest - Lumiere
Just saying its quite a production, this song.

Now that we are done the younger years lets move on to my discovery of popular music. Now some of these songs may still seem relevant but they are all either funny or at least a step in the direction of where my taste lies now.

Top 10 Rememberal Songs of the 90s
1. Oasis - Wonderwall
This is an obvious one, but it pulled me into the rock world which I cannot help but be thankful for.
2.Backstreets Back - Backstreet Boys
3. Tearin Up My Heart - N'SYNC
I throw in both of these because they just are here. I mean boybands ruled the 90s and I ate it up. Plus JT came out of it and he brought sexy back.
4. TLC - Waterfalls
my cool, popular babysitter who looked like Kelly Kapowski used to rock to this song. We would both dance to it, whenever she babysat me... I felt so cool, so old, so I have to thank Rebecca wherever you are for making me feel like the coolest 6 year old ever.
5. Only Wanna Be with You- Hootie and the Blow Fish
6. Saturday Night - Wigfield
Dance Mix 95 is full of classic 90s songs and as a dancer at that period this was the ONLY CD we danced to. I would post a picture of my costume for that years dance recital but I cannot for the life of me find it. Our costumes were neon green with a psychedelic patterin all over. The song? Total Eclipse of the Heart.
7.Sugar Ray - Fly
8. Blink 182 - All the Small Things
There video to opened my eyes to how LAME the pop stars of our generation were
9. I Want You - Savage Garden
I could literally sing the whole song... YES THAT FAST ... to be honest I could sing the whole album. Probably my number one obession that year.
10. Mambo Number 5 - Lou Bega / Blue - Eifel 65
had to throw these two in last because it wouldn't be a list without the two most catchy songs of the decade.

So now I want to hear about yours... Maybe I have forgotten some bigs ones. I know I have. So comment away


Monday, February 8, 2010

Remember Being Picked For Teams

First off I want to apologize to any of you to whom this may bring back bad memories, I understand for some this was one of the worst parts of being a kid.

But I also want to thank one of my favourite sports reporters Cabbie for keeping it real and coming up with new and interesting things to ask players in the locker room, as he has inspired me to write this post.

So do you remember? It's recess, the school yard is buzzing and the grade 7 class including youself is getting ready to play the MOST IMPORTANT game of soccer EVER. Two captains have been called, you know the all-stars of the school yard. One after another they start picking off players from the line to be on their team. You wait, looking around, evaluating the decisions the captains are making, wishing upon everything you will end up on the right team... You wait and wait and wait ...bringing back memories? I won't go any further, I promise.

I have to say I never minded this cruel pick and chose game but I was athletic....

When were you picked? Were you that allstar, a middle man or were you the one at the very end?

Can you imagine doing that now in real life? Your on the job and a new project comes up, with two sides competing to have the best plan of action. Two executives start picking off the employees. You are really going to find out who values you and how much, that is for sure.

I really wanted to show you all the segment from Cabbie who asked NHL players but I cant find it. As you can probably guess they all were picked first... I will keep looking for it, until then