Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Naked Eye

A few years back I was working at Mustang Alley in London, we sold clothing, food and most important to this story, magazines. Once the bosses skipped out at the end of the day and the students finished up day classes the store was DEAD. So we read and read and read. I'm pretty sure I knew everything about every celebrity, ever movie and song review and most important to my program I actually knew all the news...
This is where I came across Naked Eye, a Canadian entertainment based magazine. I immediately loved it. It is a quarterly magazine but the best part, only Canadian artisits/actors/famous figures get to appear on the front cover. My only issue with the magazine is that it seriously only 4 issues a year?! I had totally forgot about it this past year, until I saw Malin Akermans face was staring at me from across the grocery store, yes I screamed in excitement.

So, I think you should do you self a favour and read it. If you don't care to buy magazines, thats fine, but at least give it a chance by reading it here online. 

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