Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remember the TV that was the 90s

Well, I have been putting off a post a) because I was not sure if I wanted continue to blog and b) because I could not find motivation.
And then it came! thanks to my friend Michael K over at Dlisted.
Ah yes the crazy TV shows of the 90s.
I will start with the one Michael so thankfully reminded me of.

This Walt Disney/ Jim Hensons production was a crazzzy show. Running from 1991 to 1994, the show featured a family of dinosaurs; the SINCLAIRS!. The show funny enough was based off of a oil company and its executives. All that I remember is Baby hitting Earl (the dad) over the head with a frying pan and laughing repeadedly. Comedic gold right there kids. And I remember Charlene the valley girl dino. As if.
Check out the Clip below and relive the memories. PS. this show was the original Family Guy, where the baby is smarter than everyone else.

The second show I want to mention is one I loved loved loved. And thats Doug! Another guy/ show that I got to see in Disney (well my second time).

Doug was the best show with Scooter, Patty Mayonaise and Smash Adams. Like didn't you wish you had that special of a name. I wonder who writes these shows how could you think, "lets give the main character one of the most boring names ever but give his best friends cool names". Doug also ran from 91' to 94' and was a cartoon. It was a pretty simple cartoon and was produced by Disney as well. It is hard for me to believe that these shows were last broadcast 16 years ago.

Till Next Time

Alex Jordan.


  1. doug is the best

    also tgif: sabrina, boy meets world, teen angel, you wish, two of a kind... love the 90s

  2. OMG TGIF was to die for. It was without a doubt the highlight of my week.

  3. TGIF was the bomb diggity. Also totally looked forward to that all week long.