Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remember Your First Concert

Hey all, so my second post of the week, wooo. I am making up for the one I failed to post last week because I was soaking up the sun in Dominican and all.
So after a brainstorming session today in class focused on things to remember I came out with..NOTHING.

Then on my home an old song came on “The Real Slim Shady” but instead of singing the lyrics right I found myself rapping “I’m Sugar Baybee the real Sugar Baybee all you other Sugar Baybees are just imitating.” Horror, that voice popped in my head, then that concert popped in my head. Yes I saw Sugar Baybee in concert. Again, Horror. If you are not aware of “The Real Sugar Baby” she was a radio personality with a Fran Drescher voice but it was “cutsie.” AND I just found out she was the voice of “Wishbear” on Care bears and “Rini” on SaliorMoon. Heres the song. Check your ears at the door.

Remember your first concert? I obviously do. I attended the Wham Bam Thank You Jam way back in Summer of Grade 7 (2001) with a red headed soul sista some of you may know. Let me just tell you we travelled in style. V.I.P. baby. We were picked up by a limo and shipped off to Canada’s Wonderland for a day of Destiny’s Child, B4-4, Vitamin C and oh yeah Sugar Baybee.

We had first or third row tickets I can’t remember, but what I do remember we were dead centre, so yeah I saw Beyonce “work it out.” And I saw those hot (choke) B4-4 dudes up close.
It was a good day and at the time, we had fun.I thought I was a rocker although I admit I don’t think either of us were into any of the performers.But we were into Canadas Wonderland and the rides and the funnel cake yumm. I found a picture of that day then promptly ripped it up. Yeah what can I say, puberty.

So what was your first concert? Who did you see?

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  1. you ripped up the picture??? our first concert together??? hahaha.. i think that might have been my first concert... that or backstreet boys.

  2. lolol um soul sista alanna?? omg i have never been to a concert, isn't that tragic? I bought tickets to go and see making the bands Day 26 and the show got cancelled. I was sooo excited and it never happened. I am still waiting to attend my first concert, maybe a little wayne concert or ryan leslie, oh and alicia keys lol.

  3. Oh boy, my first concert was Savage Garden, it was sooo cheese and I loved every second!!

    and I found that website I was talking about in class:

    Prepare to loose hours of your life.

  4. My first concert was Lil Bow Wow and B2K. I was head over heels for these two acts. I remember the experience so well my friends and I decided to wear matching jerseys :S smh

  5. I just HAD to get ickets for Supertramp to impress my highschool boyfriend. This is back when you actually stood in line for tickets at Ticket Master. My dad stood in line for 8 hours to get me four tickets. It was one the biggest things my dad ever did for me.
    The concert was great, the boyfriend not-so-much.

  6. Sugar Baby from the old Kiss 92... I certainly remember that!
    My first concert was actually a free concert during the night festivities of Canada Day. I was staying in Windsor for the night with my family before heading south for a baseball tournament and Tom Cochrane put on a great show. I'll never forget it!