Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Blows My Mind

That face. That look. That man. Thats Mickey Rourke 20 years ago.

CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT. I was just watching inside the actors studio featuring Mickey Rourke and I had to google him. This image came up. I HAD NO IDEA that under all that plastic surgery was a good looking man. Below is the hagard face of a plastic surgery actic gone seriously wrong.

Well not really a close up. I have to say though that he is an awsome actor. The Wrestler was awsome I cant lie.And he was in Domino a few years back and you no what his face was still some what normal. Sorry I cant get off this face thing, its crazy. Now while I was watching Domino I was kind of distracted by the guy on Mickeys left - Choco

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  1. LOL this post is so funny. You spoke every word I thought.