Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seth Aaron....the King

When I become a fan of something I follow it faithfully. LOST - its been 5 years maybe 6 I've watched everyone relgiously. Guy Ritchie - when ever he has a movie, I always watch it - cant be more excited by anyone else. Janice Evanovich - the one author that makes me laugh out loud any day.

But my latest obsession- Project Runway. Slice TV plays it every weekend and i watch if religously , I have even memorized the times it airs - 3:00 on saturdays or 12:00 on sundays. Yep, I have issues. This year was a great season lots of exciting challenges and some really talent yet cocky designers. My favourite was Seth Aaron. He is rockeresque and thats what I love. Give me black, leather and structure and im game.

Just watched the finale and my Seath Aaron won! Seth Aaron you are king of that runway. Just wanted to give a shout out. I totally thought the ass Emilo was gonna win,so happy he didn't just because you think your the shit doesnt mean shit.  Now im just sad that its over. What am i gonna do at 3 or 12 on saturdays and sundays. Have a look at this collection.


This coat is out of this world Fierce.


Note: I love when the person I like wins a reality tv. Right now ive got my favourites lined up for ANTM and Real World challenges. I like to think im always right!

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