Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Already Loving Fall 2010

The Gap Womens Collection 10'
So the Gap has come up with a great concept for their website and its got me all sorts of excited for fall shopping. Now I am bias because I generally LOVE the Gap, they are my go to jeans always. But this marketing strategy encourages shoppers to buy all facets of their clothing line by demonstrating how effortlessly their pieces go together. Its a great way to keep the shopper in your store, but also give them ideas on what fashion this fall looks like in a perfect little Gap world.

The fashionista who put these inspired looks together was none other than the Gaps own fashion director. Further showing that the people who work for the brand not only support the brand but emulate it in every day life.

I am officially going to own almost every piece you see above as soon as this work day is over. Viva Friday!

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