Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For the Love of an Accent

I have spent the past week in North Carolina, a new city, a new country and a new twang. There is one thing you should no about me… I am obsessed with Southern accents. So I had been dreaming for weeks of all the Southern accents I would be surrounded by.

My love for this twang developed when I first listened to and watched Albert Finney narrate and play the character of Edward Bloom in one of my favorite movies, Big Fish. His accent was slow, controlled, deep and in my opinion utterly amazing. I started practicing mine at that moment.

What is it about accents that amaze us? Why do we get so caught up in the sounds of words…its almost embarrassing… I found myself this past week adjusting some of the ways I say words to develop a New York accent on one hand, and a Southern on the other. Each of the people I was with were from different parts of the states, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York had these completely different accents which was so cool. Here I am stuck with a Canadian one with a boring “a” sound, must be why I took up their sounds.
Gotta favorite accent?

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