Monday, February 8, 2010

Remember Being Picked For Teams

First off I want to apologize to any of you to whom this may bring back bad memories, I understand for some this was one of the worst parts of being a kid.

But I also want to thank one of my favourite sports reporters Cabbie for keeping it real and coming up with new and interesting things to ask players in the locker room, as he has inspired me to write this post.

So do you remember? It's recess, the school yard is buzzing and the grade 7 class including youself is getting ready to play the MOST IMPORTANT game of soccer EVER. Two captains have been called, you know the all-stars of the school yard. One after another they start picking off players from the line to be on their team. You wait, looking around, evaluating the decisions the captains are making, wishing upon everything you will end up on the right team... You wait and wait and wait ...bringing back memories? I won't go any further, I promise.

I have to say I never minded this cruel pick and chose game but I was athletic....

When were you picked? Were you that allstar, a middle man or were you the one at the very end?

Can you imagine doing that now in real life? Your on the job and a new project comes up, with two sides competing to have the best plan of action. Two executives start picking off the employees. You are really going to find out who values you and how much, that is for sure.

I really wanted to show you all the segment from Cabbie who asked NHL players but I cant find it. As you can probably guess they all were picked first... I will keep looking for it, until then



  1. I was definitely the middle to end of the pick. Never the athletic one, but my friendship ties always brought me through to not be the very last. I definitely remember the tension though. Oh school yard days.
    Great post Alex.

  2. I was athletic, so not at the very end. But not at the beginning either! But yes, it always seemed so cruel. I can't imagine this method in an office. I would cry. :(

  3. For me, most of my childhood consisted of not necessarily being picked for teams, but being told where you will be placed in the newest dance routine. I remember that the first day of choreography class was the most exciting, and the most nerve-racking. I remember being so excited when I got put front and center, but so heartbreakingly sad when I wasn't. Amazing how competitive we all are, even from being very young.